This year also will be "BE RACEDOG night race" - September 21, which will also be IFSS World Cup event.
Dryland Sleddog race in dark.

Race info in facebook:

Planned basic disciplines (2 starts):
DR4 - Four dog carts
CCM - Canicross Men
CCW - Canicross Ladies
BJM - Bikejoring Men
BJW - Bikejoring ladies
SC2 - Two dog scooter
SC1 - One dog scooter

(1 start in morning):
MOUSE - canicross kids (till 7 years)
LYNX- canicross kids (from 8 till 9 years)
TIGERS - canicross kids (from 10 till 13 years)

Age groups for athletes in basic disciplines:
Junior - from 14 till 17 years old
Elite - from 18 till 39 years old
Veterans - from 40 years old

Dog age:
CCM and CCW - from 12 months
BJM, BJW, SC2, SC1 - from 18 months old

BJM, BJW, SC2, SC1 - "Open" and "Nordic" will be separated if there will be at least 5 athletes in each class.
In the CCM and CCW disciplines - "open" and "nordic" classes will not be seperated.